This is a brief summary of what we can do for you here at The Bead Shop. If you don't see something listed here, and you aren't sure if it's something we can do for you, don't be afraid to give us a call and ask! The prices that are given cover the labor charges only, so be sure to ask about the cost of materials before finishing your jewelry.  Turnaround times will vary, depending on the workload of our staff and the degree of difficulty the work entails. All labor and repair work is performed by our own staff!



Have a favorite necklace or bracelet that has fallen apart on you? Not sure what to do about it? We can restring a strand of beads here on the premises.
Fee: $ 2.00 per inch


Do your pearls need to be brought back to life? If you need a repair or restringing for a strand of pearls, but would like to have them knotted as well, you can bring them in and have us do it for you. The knotting will be charged in addition to the restringing.
Fee: $ .50 per knot
         $ .75 per double knot
         $ 1.00 per triple knot



If you have something you have strung together at home, or you've made something here in the store, we can put the clasp on for you.
Fee: $ 4.00 per strand


We also do a variety of wire-wrapping. Whether you've designed something on-site or at home, we can help you out!

Fee: $1 per single plain loop
         $2 per single wrapped loop

         $10 per single top-drilled wire-wrap



Costume jewelry is hard to come by, and often times it has rhinestones coming out every which way. If you have a costume piece that needs its rhinestones glued back in, that's right up our alley. Cabachons, rhinestones, and flat earring posts are all within our ability to set back in.
Fee: $10.00 per item/rhinestone
         +$5.00 for a second item/rhinestone
         +$2.00 for every additional item/rhinestone